Your child will love this beautiful baby bottle.
You are probably already familiar with how great these insulated tumblers are about holding temp on hot or cold drinks. In addition to that feature, these Tumblers have the artwork bonded onto the tumbler finish using a sublimation process. Our special ink isn't just printed on, but instead is applied under heat and pressure to force the ink and the polyester molecules in the tumbler finish to chemically bond to each other. Makes a beautiful tumbler that will stay looking that way. A screw-on top with nipple, plus protective cap, and optional use gas reducer are included.

8 oz Baby Bottle CocoMelon 16

SKU: 8BB0016
  • The Double Wall Insulated Tumblers are fabricated from food grade stainless steel and coated with bright white polyester paint. We then customize them using special inks applied under high heat and pressure. In this sublimation process the ink changes from a solid directly to a gas (skips the liquid phase) and permanently bonds to the polyester molecules on the tumbler finish. We then apply a coaster cushion to the tumbler bottom.

  • If you are not totally satisfied with your tumbler, we will replace it free of charge (if you contact us within 30 days of your purchase).